IFS 12 Day Challenge - Two People

IFS 12 Day Challenge - Two People

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​Invite a friend, family, or a significant other to join you on your journey with IFS! The more people around us know about IFS, parts, & Self, the easier we can navigate our journey to Self-healing.


★ 10 hours of live interactive video calls led by Professionally Trained Experienced IFS Practitioners! 

★ Interactive presentations to learn the IFS from its foundations and how to adapt them to your own life circumstances

★ Practice sessions to learn how to apply all the principles on your own

★ Sharing circles so you can meet and engage with other courageous souls in their self-healing journey

★ Live Demo of a real IFS session so you can fully witness what happens during an IFS session

★ Final Integration session to apply your learnings from this challenge to your daily life

★ Private Facebook community to share resources and receive support